Instructions for use Cyto Forte

Instructions for use capsules Cyto Forte in Hungary

Capsules Cyto Forte: how to use?

The frequent recurrence of cystitis

After antibacterial therapy

Prevention of cystitis

2 capsules per day

2 capsules per day

1 capsule a day

Instructions for use Cyto Forte

This remedy against inflammation of the urinary bladder does not cause bacterial resistance, and therefore, it is recommended to take long – at least 1 month. If necessary, the course can be repeated in the course of the year.

Indications Cyto Forte

Product Cyto Forte destroys the cells of the pathogen, that a bactericidal effect, also has analgesic and regenerative actions. A complex of active plant substances strengthens the antimicrobial protection and eliminates the recurrence of this disease.

Testimony to the application are:

  1. The frequent recurrence of exacerbations in chronic inflammation of the bladder.
  2. The period after therapy with antibiotics when inflammation of the bladder.
  3. Risk factors for development of recurrence of inflammation of the bladder (seasonal epidemics of colds, hypothermia, changes in the climatic belts, stress, bad hygienic conditions).

Contraindications for Cyto Forte

Individual intolerance of components, the components of the preparation.